Terms & Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions that we would like for everyone to know and follow so that we can help you out in need and hence make your experience better. These are a few simple sets that we have designed for the comfort and ease of management and the customers.

  1. If a booking is made in the hotel for some dates, a minimum of 50% must be paid upfront for the rooms to be blocked on those dates. The advance amount can be paid in full to, if the customer wants to. This would come in regard to the security and assurance from the customers’ part that they would be visiting.
  2. If there is a case in which there is a cancellation made within 15 days of your booked dates, 20% of the advance would be cut in and left out. This amount would be of the advance money paid, be that of any amount. The remaining amount could be carried forward for three months, after which it would be returned back to the customer. The amount returned would be the remaining sum of what was paid and the 20% of that deducted.
  3. The amounts of advance the final bill can be paid via any mode of payment. This list includes: Online banking, UPI debit/credit card, direct bank transfer etc.